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Artifacts to Heirlooms
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Welcome to The Film Hound

Artifacts to Heirlooms

Film is a fragile artifact of the moment it captures. Whether you’ve discovered a shoebox of your grandparent’s dusty old negatives or are a full-time film photographer, we want to turn those artifacts into heirlooms for decades to come. Our archival service includes the organizing, cutting, and sleeving of your 135, 120, and 220 film negatives with options for storage or digital cataloging until you’re ready for them to be returned. Proper archiving practices are paramount to the preservation and survival of our memories.

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Services & Rates

Archivial Service

$3/page - Includes the organizing, cutting, and sleeving of your 135, 120, and 220 film negatives into archival pages.


$3/month - Until a return order is placed, you are a member. Your archival service orders are stored, managed, and continually added to. Members enjoy up to 20% off their archival service orders.

Digital Cataloging

To Be Announced - Each page from your archival service orders is digitized and uploaded to the cloud for easy access and review of what has been archived and stored for you.

Return My Negatives

$15 - All your stored archival service orders are returned with your choice to include an archival binder.

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Select “The Film Hound” on your lab’s order form and we will fetch your negatives.


Mail your negatives along with your name and email address to:

The Film Hound
1717 Norman Bridge Road
Montgomery, AL 36104

Check Your E-mail

Once your negatives have been fetched and reviewed, we will email both an archival service order and a reoccurring membership invoice. Work will begin on your archival service order once that invoice is settled. Once your archival service order is complete, we will store it unless you place a return order.

Membership fees, if any, must be paid in full before your archival service orders can be returned.

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